ReDefining Divorce:
​Navigate Your Life Before, During and After Divorce

Vesta: ReDefine and ReBoot provides informative seminars, social events and professional resources that redefine the divorce and separation process, and support people in powerfully being able to reboot their lives. The name Vesta is derived from Roman mythology and means the keeper of family, hearth and home. Our passion is educating and empowering people before, during and after divorce or separation, such that they are able to turn this challenging life transition into an opportunity to access their highest potential and create a happy and empowered life for themselves and their families.

We have developed a collaborative group of caring, smart and experienced professionals from diverse fields in both the divorce area and self-care. Together, we help people move through these life transitions more smoothly, with greater knowledge, confidence, and peace of mind. Attend our informational and empowering events, or schedule complimentary consultations with topnotch professionals in divorce and wellness through us.

Divorce Can Be Complicated. Let Us Guide You Through It...
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"I was able to hear from other people that are in the same shoes and realize that I still can be my own 'me’ and move forward rather than stay angry about my circumstances. From stylist to nutritionist to legal expert to financial experts I would recommend this. I would recommend this to anyone going through  or considering divorce.” 

- Dominique
Divorce doesn't have to be so hard

Vesta: Redefining Divorce was founded by Deanna Coyle. Having undergone a long financially and emotionally draining divorce herself, Deanna understands how isolating and frustrating the divorce process can be. It does not have to be that way. ​

Vesta is comprised of a group of caring professionals committed to educating and supporting people going through divorce and separation, as well as afterwards. We are dedicated to transforming the divorce process by helping people avoid courtroom battles and the resulting anger, resentment and hurt that affect all involved; and instead focusing on the financial, emotional and physical health and well-being of both parents and children.

We invite you to our fun and informative events, where you can clear up your questions about divorce as well as connect with others who are in similar circumstances. In addition, Vesta offers complimentary, personalized divorce consultations and services so that you can find the high caliber financial consultants, divorce attorneys, and other divorce specialists with whom you feel comfortable and trust. Contact us to see how we can help you redefine your divorce.
Working Out Finances Through Divorce
Empowering and Fun Divorce Retreats
We all could use a retreat to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, especially during a separation or divorce when there may be additional stress in your life. If you have questions about divorce and separation, are looking to connect with others to form new and lasting friendships, and want to move forward in creating a happy and empowered life for yourself and your family, join us at our empowering Divorce Retreats. We host a variety of overnight as well as daytime-only retreats.
Finances are typically a complicated topic during marriage, and even more so during divorce. Your financial situation may change when you separate from your spouse, and for you and your children (if you have them) it is extremely important to feel confident about your financial future. Fortunately, we are here to empower, educate and guide you in navigating the crucial decisions and considerations both during and after divorce to help ensure your financial wellbeing. 
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"I am deeply thankful that there is a support group of professionals who volunteer their time to helping people going through tough times such as a divorce.  I have definitely benefitted from Deanna's efforts to bring professionals from a wide range of careers that address the many overlooked issues that arise from a divorce."
- Michael
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