Our Pro​fessionals

We work with a team of caring and experienced divorce professionals, specializing in law, finance, therapy, parenting, real estate, nutrition, relationship coaching, career coaching, fashion styling, confidence building, fitness and more. Let us know with whom you would like to have complimentary consultations, or meet them at our various events!
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    Divorce is hard for everyone involved, and it can still sting years after. Emotional well-being is key to rebuilding your life after divorce. Our therapists are caring professionals that will help you understand your emotions.
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    Attorneys & Mediators
    Whether you are looking to understand your legal options, mediate a divorce, or work out alimony and child support, our team of lawyers are here to work with you through the process.
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    Parenting Coaches
    Divorce can be especially challenging when there are children involved. Discuss with a parenting coach how to help your children adjust to changes and learn how to work with your ex to parent your children together.
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    Financial Consultants
    Understanding your financial options is crucial during divorce. Our consultants will educate and empower you in reaching a financially equitable settlement, creating a saving plan & budget for your new life, and more.
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    A realtor can help you decide whether to try to keep your house or sell it. If you choose to move, a realtor can be crucial to helping you find your dream home at a price that fits your budget.
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    Fashion Stylists
    When you look your best, you feel your best. Our fashion stylists can help you look and feel amazing, whether it is for a new job or meeting new friends or romantic partners.
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    Confidence Coaches
    Your confidence level can take a dive during and after a divorce or separation. Meet with a confidence coach and gain the faith in yourself to achieve your goals and dreams.
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    Career Coaches
    Want a change in your career but aren't sure how to go about it? Our career coaches can help you navigate today's tricky job market and identify and obtain a career you love.
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    Relationship Coaches
    When you are ready, speak with a relationship coach. Finding the right person can be difficult; a relationship coach can help you have fun dating and achieve greater joy and satisfaction in your relationships.
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    As with any life transition, it is crucial to take care of your physical health through divorce. Our nutritionists will teach you how to eat for energy, vitality and health, and show you strategies to look and feel your best.

Are you a professional who would like to work with us?

We'd love to talk to you! Send us an email at dcoyle@joinvesta.com with the subject line "Professional." Thank you.