What is everyone saying about the
Vesta Experience? 

“I definitely found this retreat supportive. It pulled me from isolation, especially as I was a stay at home mom and now my children aren’t home. I looked forward to this weekend and it reinforced the process that I’m in and that I’m not alone in it. I think that was the real main thing; you realize you’re not alone, and it validates that you’re on the right track to self-care, and the program opens you up to new things to consider. I think that divorce is so overwhelming and this lets you gauge where you are in the process, what you’re doing, and what you can be doing. The retreat was like a refuge where I could really assess how I’m doing.”

-Divorce Retreat Attendee


Superb... Delightful.





“I think the whole weekend was positive. I got the understanding that other people are going through the same situation that I’m going through and feel the same way, and that makes me feel like I’m not alone. I really liked listening to the speakers. They made a lot of good points and what they said really hit home for me. They were really informative. I think this whole group is awesome and I will come do another weekend.”
“I thought this whole weekend retreat was very informative and well-organized. There was a lot of useful information. I’ve been through a lot of it since I’ve been divorced for four years but there was a lot of information and opinions that were new to me. I’d recommend it for anyone going through the process of divorce or thinking about it. There was a lot of camaraderie, and there seems to be a lot of people who will stay friends afterwards.”
"Thank you for organizing all these events. They are very helpful and although I wasn't in the mood to socialize in the beginning, I was elated at the end and at the same time learned some valuable advice. The meetup yesterday offered hope. Thank you!"  
“The sense of camaraderie that I felt there and the friends I made are things I will cherish for a lifetime. I would recommend your program to anyone at any stage before, during or after a divorce. You are providing an invaluable service...It gave me a chance to do a lot of soul-searching, self-analysis, and a great sense of self-worth. It was an extremely cathartic experience for me to be in the presence of all these knowledgeable and friendly people. I cannot thank you enough...the food was incredible, the lodging was great, and I feel like I have made some friends for life. Hanging out together Saturday night was an absolute blast!”



"I am deeply thankful that there is a support group of professionals who volunteer their time to helping people going through tough times such as a divorce. I have definitely benefitted from Deanna's efforts to bring professionals from a wide range of careers that address the many overlooked issues that arise from a divorce. This Thursday's discussions covering online dating and regaining a sense of identity through fashion and clothing were extremely valuable and insightful. I plan to continue be a part of this support group and hopefully return the support to others in need as well."




"Amazing! Such a great experience and such friendly, caring participants and informative presenters made the journey even better. Looking forward to keeping in touch with everyone :)"
"I cannot truly express how much this weekend helped me. The amazing group of people and facilitators were truly a blessing to me at this place in my journey. I know I have already made true friends and I look forward to seeing everyone again soon!"
"It was great to get some advice and meet some other people in the same situation. It was great, and I think I'm ready now to take the next step." 
“Very well structured and informative! I definitely encourage anyone seeking useful guidance to participate in future gatherings. The representation from the various agencies truly listened, were pleasant, professional, knowledgeable, and non-judgmental. Thank you, Deanna for a terrific event!”
- Joseph
“Fun event! Very bright and positive atmosphere.”

- Matt
“Lovely, knowledgeable group!”

- Diana

“Great event, wonderful group of people, excellent and easy to prepare menu. Deanna was a gracious host, and Laura was incredibly entertaining and informative. A great time was had by all, and the food and libations were excellent!”

- Joel


I'm looking forward to going to more of these events in the future.