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Redefining Divorce

What is everyone saying about the
Vesta Experience? 

“Vesta is a hidden gem. There are many reasons to attend: The wealth of very valuable information I didn't even know was necessary for a divorce; the connection with the professionals that will be needed in the process of a successful divorce; the connection with other people going through similar situations, thus taking away the feeling of isolation; validating and understanding the complex feeling of this, at times, very painful, difficult, and extremely complicated process. Attending Vesta not only great benefitted me, but also my children and my spouse.”

- Divorce Retreat Attendee

"Superb... Delightful"

 - Keating



“The whole weekend was positive. I got the understanding that other people are going through the same situation that I’m going through and feel the same way, and that makes me feel like I’m not alone. I really liked listening to the speakers. They made a lot of good points and what they said really hit home for me. They were really informative. I think this whole group is awesome and I will come do another weekend.”
“The weekend retreat was very informative and well-organized. There was a lot of useful information. I’ve been through a lot of it since I’ve been divorced for four years but there was a lot of information and opinions that were new to me. I’d recommend it for anyone going through the process of divorce or thinking about it. There was a lot of camaraderie, and there seems to be a lot of people who will stay friends afterwards.”
"Thank you for organizing all these events. They are very helpful and although I wasn't in the mood to socialize in the beginning, I was elated at the end and at the same time learned some valuable advice. The meetup yesterday offered hope. Thank you!"  
“The sense of camaraderie that I felt there and the friends I made are things I will cherish for a lifetime. I would recommend your program to anyone at any stage before, during or after a divorce. You are providing an invaluable service...It gave me a chance to do a lot of soul-searching, self-analysis, and a great sense of self-worth. It was an extremely cathartic experience for me to be in the presence of all these knowledgeable and friendly people. I cannot thank you enough...the food was incredible, the lodging was great, and I feel like I have made some friends for life. Hanging out together Saturday night was an absolute blast!”

-Michael M.


"I am deeply thankful that there is a support group of professionals who volunteer their time to helping people going through tough times such as a divorce. I have definitely benefitted from Deanna's efforts to bring professionals from a wide range of careers that address the many overlooked issues that arise from a divorce. This Thursday's discussions covering online dating and regaining a sense of identity through fashion and clothing were extremely valuable and insightful. I plan to continue be a part of this support group and hopefully return the support to others in need as well."




"Amazing! Such a great experience and such friendly, caring participants and informative presenters made the journey even better. Looking forward to keeping in touch with everyone :)"
"It was great to get advice and meet some other people in the same situation. It was great, and I think I'm ready now to take the next step." 
"I cannot express how much this weekend helped me. The amazing group of people and facilitators were truly a blessing to me at this place in my journey. I know I have already made true friends and I look forward to seeing everyone again soon!"
“Very well structured and informative! I definitely encourage anyone seeking useful guidance to participate in future gatherings. The representation from the various agencies truly listened, were pleasant, professional, knowledgeable, and non-judgmental. Thank you, Deanna for a terrific event!”
- Joseph
“Fun event! Very bright and positive atmosphere.”

- Matt
“Lovely, knowledgeable group!”

- Diana